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Maritime DTU

Maritime DTU, centre for maritime activities, was established May 1st 2014. Maritime DTU will coordinate the maritime activities at DTU within the areas of research, education, innovation and research based public sector consultancy.

The purpose of the centre is to:
• Establish DTU as an international centre of excellence in maritime-related research and education
• Ensure the relevance of the education for the Danish maritime industry, and also ensure that the education is   
  attractive for the students in order to educate more maritime engineers with broad, professional profiles.
• Coordinate and facilitate research that is both interdisciplinary and aimed at the needs of the maritime industry.
• Be the point-of-contact for the maritime industry, DTU faculty and students. Provide awareness and transparency
  of DTU’s maritime activities in the broader maritime sector in Denmark. 
• Strengthen the research cooperation between DTU and other universities in Denmark and abroad.

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